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#4 Jeans With No Butt Pockets

A lot of Mexican girls can be found wearing these.  The content of their purses:


Dark red lipstick

Aqua Net

2 Tampax Heavy Flow Plus.  You know, for the heaviest flow days.

Razr cellphone



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Michoacan is a state in Mexico. It’s also the name of every other Mexican proprietorship.

Taqueria Michoacan, Panderia Michoacan, Video Michoacan, Barberia Michoacan,  The list goes on and on.

p.s. See that beer sign?

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Mexican people prominently display this in their kitchens.  Mexicans feel good knowing that while eating posole, Jesus is never too far away.

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#1 Bud Light

beerThis beer is a staple among Mexicans.  It is required to be present at all Baby Showers, Easters, Birthdays, and First Communions.

Mexicans use this beer to celebrate, to mourn, and to marinate steaks.

While bottles are good, smart Mexicans go for the cans. Recycling them for cash is part of the Mexican way.

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