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#7 Raiders

Why do Mexicans love the Raiders so much?  It’s a California thing.  I’m sure they are nuts about the Cowboys in Texas.  But here, we have the good ol’ Black and Silver.  Mexicans are very loyal.  We good peoples like that.  So even if the Raiders haven’t one more than 5 games each season for like 6 years straight, it’s OK.  We stick with them.

Also, black makes you look tough.  We Mexicans pride ourselves in looking tough.  We shave our heads (Mr. Clean looked tough right?) wear black (Raiders gear), and wear baggy pants (metaphor for how big are “balls” are).  Plus, Raiders fans are just plain psycho, so if we can add fear by proxy by wearing a jersey, then hell yeah we will.



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#6 Leisure Time

I haven’t updated this site in a little over a year.  I still get comments on the regular though.  Love you guys!

So why haven’t I updated for so long?  Well, part of the Mexican Way is to be lazy. enjoy your leisure time.  We like to chillax with the homies.  I’ve been working on my car, drinking bud light, and eating crazy amounts of eggs with chorrizo and nopales.  I guess you can say this blog had itself a little siesta.

I’m back PUTOS!

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