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#9 Soccer

Soccer is serious business to Mexicans.  SERIOUS BUSINESS. The only way I could get into this, is if I were the announcer.  Say it with me, “GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL”!

The two most popular teams are The Chivas and America.  The Chivas are named after goats? Ay Diosito, dame paciencia!  Why do Mexicans like goats so much?  I still have nightmares of when I was a kid, well… I thought my Dad bought a pet goat.  It was tied to a tree.  Later a bunch of people came over.  “We’re having a party!”  “…hey, Mommy…where’s the goat?”  And that was the day I learned, that literally, MY PARENTS WERE CHUPACABRAS.

So readers, what team is better? Chivas or America?


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