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Part of the Mexican Way is to show off your chest hair. Bonus points if you’re wearing a gold chain with a crucifix. You see, it’s hot as hell in Mexico, or maybe Mexico is hell? Anyway, in order to stay cool, our dads and tios have figured out that unbuttoning that third button reduces temperatures by up to 20% OK, I made that shit up and Mythbusters won’t return my calls so let’s just go with it.

Chest hair is part of the machismo that we pride ourselves in. It means you’re a man. You have a job, drive a Ford, and will serenade your girl with love songs when you’re drunk. We’re bullfighters, lovers, and hairy, mysterious men with a gold Jesus buried in a forest of curly pelos. It drives the white girls crazy too. They say once you go black you never go back. But ladies, trust me-once you go Mexican, you’ll never second guess again.


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