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True Story: My dad still has one of these in his garage. It’s from 1996.

I don’t know why but every Panaderia has been giving out the same two or three calendars for the past thirty years. Of course the dates have changed but the image is always the same, an Aztec Warrior carrying “Maria” in his arms. You know, the one where every other day is some kinda saint’s holiday or something. The only time these come in handy is on Mexican Mother’s Day since Aubelita wants to here from you then, not on American Mother’s Day.

In fact, the year’s almost over. Next time you see your abuela, take her some pan mexicano, give her a hug and the new 2012 calendar. Also, light her¬†veladora, according to the all-knowing panaderia calendar,¬†tomorrow is St. Augustin Don Martin Pedro’s birthday.


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